Born Indigo_Self_Album Cover Art.png
June 15, 2020

Self, Born Indigo’s breakout studio album, features nine songs that act as a commentary on the emotional battles we face within ourselves on a continuous basis. Whether it is the feeling of not being who you want to be, hating who you are, or feeling like you are constantly drifting and unable to find rest, these songs remind us that we are not alone in our feelings. Every struggle you’ve had, every fatalistic thought. There is somebody somewhere fighting the same battle and you are not broken or alone. You WILL be okay.

This message of solidarity is brought to life by several metaphorical music elements. The spacey and reverb-saturated guitars and vocals are the embodiment of drowning in self-prescribed failure. The threads of delicate electronic melodies allude to all the near unintelligible self-deprecations we consume. The dissonant harmonies convey our frustration with the clash between what is and what could be. These elements all come together to create a unique and curiously beautiful experience for listeners’ minds and hearts.

Andrew Singer - writer, composer, arranger, performer (vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, percussion, keyboard, synth), co-producer
Kelsey Singer - writer, composer, arranger, performer (vocals, keyboard)
Phil Emery - performer (bass guitar), co-producer
1. Who Could I Be
2. Waiting on You (Waiting on Me)
3. Hate Who I Am
4. Silhouettes
5. Rain Drops (Instrumental)
6. Steps
7. Who Are You
8. Drifters
9. Serenity